Aaron Kyle, also known as Kal, was a mercenary born on a remote human colony.


Early lifeEdit

Aaron was born a small, human colony on a planet on the fringes of Citadel space. Soon after his birth, his family moved to Earth. During his adolescent years, Aaron was abused by his parents. By the age of 14, he had joined a gang, Flaming Dragon. In his initiation, he was ordered to kill his family, he obliged. After his parents death, he lived in the gang headquarters till the age of eighteen. At that time the police had finally taken the gang down, but he was able to escape before being arrested.

Mercenary lifeEdit

After that, he traveled the galaxy. He wound up smuggling himself on a transport freighter that was headed to Omega. There he help for rich people, with that money he made he was able to move across the galaxy doing missions for other rich and powerful people. While on Earth he met a former member of his old gang. The old associate gave Aaron a new, black bandanna.

Aaron then traveled the galaxy as a mercenary for 15 years, he then returned to Omega in search of more work to start up a team of well-trained mercenaries.