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Alderaan (Republic Designation: GC-1138-01), was an Gallifreyan male Galactic Commando in the Imperium Special Forces of the Imperium Army. Served as an Lieutenant in Alpha Squad, he'd commanded three other Commandos during the Asbstego War 20 years prior to the Reaper War.

Alderaan was taken as a child 40 years before the Reaper War from his homeworld of Elderaan at 5 years old to be trained in the special forces program of the Galactic Commando Project to make superhuman soldiers. Trained by and in the harshest of enironments of the planet Coris IV, he was vigoursly trained to handle virtually any situation. Throughout his training, he'd shown signs of a leader, and suited the role of a commander, and was then made the commander of Alpha Squad, commanding three other commandos he trained alongsid with. With the out of the civil war, the Republic would use the the Commandos to perform the most dangerous of operations throughout the sector.


Early Life

Early Childhood

Alderaan was born on the planet of Gallifrey in the Capital City of main continent of Yallifrey 40 years before the Reaper War. Raised as a single child, he'd attained preschool for 5 years. During one night, he'd was kidnapped by the Gallifrey government, with the execution of his parents after being taken. Placed on-board a Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT), he'd be placed with 6 other taken children and transported to a Tardis-class assault crusier that orbited Gallifrey's moon of Temporalim. Once in the ship's hangar, they'd would then their experimental hyperdrives to the Coris system. Existing hyperspace, they'd boarded another LAAT and went to the planet of Coris IV to begin their training, and eventual cellular modifications as Galactic Commandos.

Training on Coris IV

Being taken by taken as a child by the Republic, his family and relatives executed to cover up anything, erasing everything about him, and transferring of schools, taken to the distant planet Coris IV to be initiated into the Galactic Commando Project.

Personality and Traits

Alderaan (1)

Alderaan, leader of Alpha Squad

Alderaan being raised since 5 to be trained supersolder of the Galactic Commandos, shown the distinctions of a natural-born leader. Highly vocal andd precise clear in his tone and how he speaks makes him to be highly charismatic considering he can clearly speak any language he was taught such fluency, most mistakes him to be any of his native language. He's capability to think clearly on the field earned him various of medals and medallions. Of all Commandos, he'd scored one of the highest, and considered to be a "super-genius" in the art of strategy and warefare that even impressed the likes of Fleet Admiral Teitoku of the Galactic Federation.

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