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San Francisco, a city in America.

America was a country on the planet Earth. America had 52 states. It had well-known cities such as San Francisco, California and Miami, Florida. In 2171 CE, it closed its borders to other countries due to overpopulation. The borders were reopened in 2176 CE. The country had several reserves open to refugees from countries that were destroyed physically or economically. There were several areas devoted to Asian regions due to the fall out from their overpopulation and poverty. The headquarters to the Alliance Navy was located in America, specifically in New York City. This was due to the fact that New York was often attacked by alien species due to its large shuttle center.


Post-Galactic discoveryEdit

After the First Contact War, America became overpopulated due to the immigration from nearby countries. The countries economy fell, which caused the American dollar to lose value. The Alliance then built several Alliance recruitment outposts on the planet. This was done to lower the population as more people were station of colonies and space stations. American English became the universal language on Earth as it was most similar to the alien species.