The Reapers took down the inusannon and the densorin, but that is only because they dind't fight back. We destroyed the zha'til and oravores. Life of countless members of our proud species are at stake. We will defend our long-forged Empire. For our cause!
—Vosk's speech to his men.
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Eden Prime

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41,000 BCE

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The Metacon War
Prothean Genocide


Prothean Empire


Daskk'Vosk is the main character in The Grim Stories' ministory, Origins. A now deceased prothean who served as a commander in the Empire, Daskk always had a way to solve problems when his men were emotionally challenged. Due to the long life-span of protheans, Vosk had witnessed many things in his life, both good and bad. Daskk commanded a unit named Solar Team who was assinged to delay the Reaper attack on the Tranbir 9 project, however, they task when unsuccesful as the abomanations already attacked. Pashek Vran, the overseer of the project, was killed, fortunately, Daskk and half of his unit survived. He retreated to his homeworld, Eden Prime to defend the planet. After speaking with fellow commander, Javik, Daskk and the remaining soldiers of Solar Team held off the machines. However, instead of machines, they got mutated versions of his own kind. Daskk was unable to fire his rifle and fled onboard his starship where he would flee to another prothean planet, Ilos. However, Daskk was taken by the Reapers and became one of their slaves, with no control over his mind or body, Daskk now abducts the current civilizations and works with his true enemy.