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Captain Flowers (Republic Designation: GC-1770-71 or CC-1770-71) is a Gallifreyean male Galactic Commando, who was transferred along with Iota Squad into the Citadel Council, becoming the first official Citadel Commando of the Citadel Special Forces.

Flowers were one of the selected Gallifreyeans chosen for the Galactic Commando project in order to become something of a supersoldier within the Imperium of Galliffrey. Taken from a young age, was trained by Gall Skirata, a Gallifreyean member of House Skirata, a military family from the time of the early years of the Imperium itself. Trained in the art of combat, was trained to specialized leadership and combat stragetist after he demonstrated the capacity to lead alongside Alderaan and Tekoi. Placed into Iota Squad, trained alongside his squad and was finalized as official Galactic Commandos during the First Battle of Orion, the first battle of the Asbstego War.

Throughout the Asbstego War, Flowers and Iota participated in many battles and operations across the Orion Arm, including assassination, sabotage, epsionage and even helping the 200th Attack Battalion during the battle of Sarish. Gaining recognition, Iota Squad were considered "hyper-lethal" as designated by the Galactic Deferation Hostile Designation chart. After the fall of the Galactic Federation with its striking defeat at the final battle of Geonosis, the largest battle of the entire war, were reassigned to the Citadel Council and appointed as a Citadel Commando. Iota then went on to perform assignments and operations for the Council.

In the year of 2185 CE Earth year, Iota Squad was released from the Council after successfully and became more closely to that of Spectres. After Commander Shephard's revival, the Illusive Man would suggest the squad to become of the team to help investigate. Shepard would agree, due to their skills in many fields collectively makes them one of the best choices. Shepad would then head towards the planet Gallifrey and would recruit Iota Squad, but with the condition in locating Gall Skirata, who was MIA during a escort mission. Iota would nevertheless help Shepard in completing his task, and would found Gall being taken by the Collectors. In the end, Iota helped the Commander in finding and taking out the Collectors and help stopping the kidnappings.

Returning, Commander Shepard relieved from his authority and Iota would then return to Iota after a Imperium starship came to pick them up from the Citadel. Upon landing, Iota would become instructors at the Imperium Militia Academy to prepare them in the coming conflict Shepard spoken of.


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