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George Doggan was a human male actor who was famous on the Citadel. He was married to Megan Trish, together they had a child named Veronica Doggan. He was the lead actor in the film, The Den. The film was one of the first movies to feature a cross-species relationship between a human and a turian.


Early lifeEdit

George was born on the Citadel in the Presidium. He was born to wealthy parents, one being the owner of a famous chain of stores. By the time George was 15, his father was bankrupt because his stores began failing. George's father left his family a year later. After his father's desertion, George began working behind the scenes in elcor film and theater productions. His first project was an elcor rendition of Romeo & Juliet. The play was well received by the elcor critics, though other species criticized it due to its length.

After two years of work in elcor productions, George began working in front of the camera in films. His first lead role was in the movie, The Den. The movie was often praised for its display of a cross-species relationship, though he was not involved in the romance. The filmed was set to have a sequel, though it was cancelled after the death of Kel Gorbov, the turian actor who had a lead role in the film.

Behind the scenesEdit

This article references the elcor production of Romeo & Juliet, more can be found about this while playing Mass Effect 2.