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Iota Squad
Iota Squad
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Imperium Special Forces

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Iota Squad is currently a elite Galactic Commando unit once serving under the Imperium of Gallifrey. After the Asbstego War in the Orion Arm had ended, the Imperium reassiged Iota under the authority to the Citadel Council to act as special forces within the Council itself. Iota performs highly sensitive and dangerous missions not even spectres are said to be capable of performing, and this Iota always enters into suicide missions across the Milky Way galaxy.

Originally created alongside Alpha and Delta Squad inside the Galactic Commando project under the Imperium Scientia to create soldiers to perform highly dangerous tasks, Iota was instantly sent into the Asbstego War during the first battle of the civil war. They were tasked in the assassination of the Orionian warlord Te'koi, to which they failed after he escaped the planet with help of the Mandalorians.






Captain Flowers is the squad leader of Iota, being bred and trained in the Galactic Commando project and rising leader alongside Alderaan and Tekoi. Raised on the planet of Gallifrey, was taken at a young age after being certified to be at the physical potential for the project. After being taken, and replaced with a flash droid, was taken to the distant planet of Imperia, a planet colonized solely for military training and essentially a military world.

Trained on Imperia, he was hand selected by Gall Skirata, a Gallifreyean Advanced Recon Commando, soldiers of the Imperium of great combat prowess and skill. Alongside Alderaan and Tekoi, he was trained to lead, and to adapt in any situations. After he completed his training, he was assigned to Iota Squad as its captain.





Imperium N8 Omni-Alteration Plasma Blaster: A multi-purpose plasma weapon capable of being altered to fit any conditioning for the mission. It's capable of beocming a sniper, to a fully automatic weapon, to even a shotgun-based plasma-arm. It's a experimental weapon, and prototype to the plasma weapons used by the Imperium Military. Even has a prototype, it's considered superior to any plasma weapons.

Imperium SARM-T1 Plasma Pistol: The SARM-T1 series are a small series of plasma pistols designed as a prototype to the plasma pistol line of plasma weapons. Unlike any other plasma pistols that came before it, the SARM-T1 series uses a internal rechargable battery, as the battery itself was a self-sustained plasma core, which can recharge itself.

Galactic Commando Armour:

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