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John DeMarcus
John DeMarcus
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2139 CE

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John DeMarcus was a human male, born on Earth in 2139 CE. A former Alliance scientist who helped develop stronger incendiary rounds, he was the CEO of Vapor Industries. He was also the father of Luna DeMarcus.


Early lifeEdit

John was born in San Francisco, California in 2139 CE. He graduated high school in 2156 CE, then applied for college afterward. He studied weapons technology at UL, the University of Luna.

Alliance careerEdit

There's more in this galaxy than just us.
—John DeMarcus to Alliance soldiers

In 2160 CE, he joined Systems Alliance as a scientist. He was a member in the science team that created stronger incendiary ammo and grenades. Soon after, John was released from the Systems Alliance because he wanted to sell their discoveries to other species, such as the turians and cherovs.

Creation of Vapor IndustriesEdit

In 2162 CE, John created Vapor Industries. He spent several years constructing the Vapor rifle, the first product of Vapor Industries. In 2171 CE, he built a facility on Luna and began to work exclusively with the Alliance military. Soon after, he created the Valco-X armor.

Company successEdit

A year after the release of the armor, the company began expanding outside of Earth and the human race. John began allowing his company to sell to council races, mostly turians. With the gained success, his company gained a rival, Sea Leaf. Sea Leaf sold to species that John refused to; he said that he realized selling to cherovs was wrong. There were also several assassination attempts on John, almost all of them carried out by mercenaries who had been hired by Sea Leaf's co-founder, Kerry Kall.


My safety is unimportant, protecting my friends is all that matters.
—John DeMarcus speaking to the company's co-owners.

After the company gained galactic success, John sold parts of his company. He still owned the majority, and his friend Harold Marr owned thirty-five percent. Other parts of his company were sold to his daughter and a former Alliance soldier, Edwin Loll.

Personality and traitsEdit

I can believe I missed Luna's childhood. All those missed birthdays...
—John talking to Harold Marr about his daughter Luna DeMarcus.

When John worked for the Alliance, he expressed that work was more important than family, but when he was discharged, he claimed to have changed his views as he realized that he had missed parts of his daughters life. He often spoke about how missing his daughter grow was his biggest mistake. He also said that he was glad that she became a guard for his company after leaving the Alliance, he felt that it brought them closer together.