Kerry Kall was a human Female who created Sea Leaf along with her husband Pierre Kall III. She was born on Eden Prime, but her family left soon after her birth.


Early lifeEdit

Kerry was born on the human colony, Eden Prime. At a young age, her parents and her moved away to the Citadel. Her father was a scientist while her mother was a politician, though her mother died soon after arriving on the Citadel.


Kerry met Pierre Kall III at the age of 17, they began dating days after meeting. The day after Kerry's eighteenth birthday, the two married and left the Citadel and headed for the human main world, Earth. Once there, the two began work on weapon technology. With the help of Saturn Vaughn, they were able to produce stronger incendiary rounds for weapons. Their only problem, though, was that they didn't have enough money to fund the project. Pierre and Kerry then devised a plan that involved Pierre wealthy father. They two enacted their plan and received a large sum of credits. They used most of the credits to fund their new company, Sea Leaf.