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Kevin Gardener was a private in the Alliance Military. He was a member of the team sent to the Flotilla during the Battle of the Flotilla. In 2160 CE, he was born on the asari ruled planet, Illium. In 2178 CE, he joined the Alliance and soon after he enlisted, he was sent to the Flotilla to help the quarians.


Early lifeEdit

Kevin Gardener was born on the asari-ruled planet, Illium, in 2160 CE. His mother was a bartender by the name of Christine, and his father was a merchant named Duncan. In 2176 CE, he fled Illium on a small freighter that was headed to the Citadel. In 2178 CE, he joined the Alliance military. Soon after, he was recruited to a team that assisted the quarians during the Quarian Wars.