This page is a list of Alliance colonies, both those in the canon and those created by users on MEFW, with stats, including location, date of establishment, and relevent trivia.


  • Longtime residence of the Williams family.

Anhur (Eagle Nebula, Amun System)

  • Founded 2165 CE
  • Population: 208,587,000
  • Capital: New Thebes
  • Garden world with both human and batarian populations.
  • Starting point of the Anhur Rebellions, during which humans tried to banish slavery throughout the system in response to their government's abolition of minimum wage in a mistaken attempt to help their corporations compete with batarian rivals

Arvuna (Caleston Rift, Aysur System, Dranen)

  • Founded in 2160 CE
  • Population: 948,700
  • Capital: Asa
  • Ocean-covered moon of Dranen

Bekenstein (Serpent Nebula, Boltzmann System)

  • Founded in 2158 CE
  • Population: 5,425,000
  • Capital: Milgrom
  • Homeworld of Diana Allers
  • Conceived as humanity's first off-planet manufacturing base
  • Destroyed by the Reapers in 2186 CE

Benning (Arcturus Stream, Euler System)

  • Founded in 2153 CE
  • Population: 2.25 million (pre-invasion estimate)
  • Capital: Joughlin
  • Primary source of food for Arcturus Station
  • Attacked by Reapers in 2186 CE, then preyed upon by Cerberus

Chasca (Maroon Sea, Matano System)

  • Founded in 2183 CE
  • Population: 150
  • Former Cerberus base
  • Tidally locked with Matano; only the terminator region is habitable
  • Notable for its ring of synthetic material, which captures and refracts sunlight to create picturesque vistas that are only visible from the ground


Cyrene (Idmon System)

  • The seventh Alliance colony to be hit by Collectors in 2183 CE
  • Transit station between the Titan Nebula and the Terminus Systems


  • Founded in 2152 CE
  • First extra-solar Alliance colony

Dobrovalski (Hades Nexus, Pamyat System)

  • Home of Altai Mineral Works
  • Large source of aluminum


  • Founded in 2185 CE
  • Experimental human colony which has rejected the credit system in favor of a barter-based economy.

Eden Prime (Exodus Cluster, Utopia System)

  • Founded in 2152 CE
  • Capital: Constant
  • Population: 4.2 million
  • Garden world
  • Attacked by geth forces led by Saren Arterius in 2183 CE. Later occupied by Cerberus in 2186 CE.

Elysium (Petra Nebula, Vetus System)

  • Founded in 2160 CE
  • Capital: Illyria
  • Population: 8.3 Million (plus 223, 500 living in orbital stations)
  • Site of the Skyllian Blitz in 2181 CE.

Ferris Fields

  • Former posting of Lt. Steve Cortez and his husband Robert.
  • Attacked by the Collectors in 2185 CE

Horizon (Shadow Sea, Iera System)


  • Founded in 2069 CE
  • Capital: Armstrong
  • Population: 4.1 million


  • Founded in 2103 CE
  • Capital: Lowell City
  • Site of humanity's discovery of Prothean ruins in 2148 CE


  • Founded sometime prior to 2154 CE
  • Attacked by batarian raiders in 2170 CE, resulting in hundreds of deaths

New Canton

  • Attacked by the Collectors in 2185 CE



  • Colony notable for its dichotomy of wealthy salarians and poor humans
  • Site of riots in 2185 CE after the municipal water company declined to build pipes to provide more running water to human residents

Proteus (Artemis Tau Cluster, Athens System)

  • Founded in 2179 CE
  • Capital: Ithaka
  • Population: 12,470
  • Hot, humid, and wracked by constant storms.

Sanctum (Sigurd's Cradle, Decoris System)

  • Founded in 2169 CE
  • Capital: Vulpes
  • Population: 257,300
  • Freezing "garden world" mainly colonized as a source of platinum, palladium, and boron.


  • Alliance colony devoted to the growing of ossilbir, a high-nutrition vine that is a staple of Alliance military rations.


  • Alliance colony known for being the center of the First Contact War.
  • First world to be occupied by an Alien race.


Terra Nova (Exodus Cluster, Asgard System)



  • Founded 2170 CE
  • Capital: New Karnak


  • Founded sometime prior to 2170 CE
  • Homeworld of Gillian Grayson
  • Site of a major industrial accident, orchestrated by Cerberus, that resulted in thousands being exposed to dust-form Element Zero.
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