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Mass Effect Fanon is a wiki devoted to the fans of Mass Effect who want to expand or create their own version of the galaxy. The wiki was created July 2009 by Chaoswolf75. The wiki was then adopted by Bluethunder in February 2010.[1]


In July 2009, Chaoswolf75 created Mass Effect Fanon. The wiki remained inactive until February 4th 2010, when Bluethunder213 found the wiki after a Google search. He made the wiki's first content article, the Vapor rifle. Bluethunder then applied for Bureaucratic rights on Wikia Central, he gained rights the next day.[2]

On March 10, 2010, Mass Effect Fanon became official partners with Mass Effect Origins, a RP forum hosted by Proboards. Also in the month of March, Bluethunder announced several upcoming events. Soon after, the Quote of the Week awards were released. The first user who's quote won the award was InfernalWarrior. His quote was featured on the main page during the week of April 4, 2010.[3]

On May 2, 2010, an interview was posted on Word between an admin at Star Wars Fanon, Brandon Rhea, and Bluethunder. In the interview, Mass Effect Fanon was mentioned several times. When asked how the wiki was going, Bluethunder replied that "[Mass Effect Fanon] is going great."[4] Also in late May, Mass Effect Fanon was accepted for a Wikia spotlight are to be featured in starting in June. Also in May, Bluethunder released Article spotlights, an article award that is posted on the Official Blog. The Blog has posted two article spotlights with more planned for the future.

In June, 2010, the User of the Month nominations began.

Mass Effect Fanon on TwitterEdit

In the month of April 2010, Mass Effect Fanon joined social networking site Twitter. On the profile, Bluethunder updates people on article count or any recent award winners. As of May 2010, he has updated followers on edit count, recent Quote of the Week winners and informed everyone of any important news.

Mass Effect Fanon's Official BlogEdit

On April 27, 2010, Bluethunder213 announced that he had created Mass Effect Fanon's Official Blog page.[5] The blog is hosted by and so far has pages giving in-depth explanations about confusing or unknown topics and rules. It will also announce winners and be home to Article spotlights.[6]

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