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This section of Mass Effect Fanon is an area devoted to the various Community Collaboration projects that will be produced over time.. A writer is allowed a certain number of characters per scenario and must abide the rules of the project. CC scenarios will have several topics inside and once the limit post limit is exceeded or no more posts are provided, the section will be archived. Characters, missions, and many important aspects of the stories will also have articles that are to follow the encyclopedic standards known on Mass Effect Fanon.

How to make new sub-topic

To create a new topic make go [[RP:nameofscenario/nameoftopic]] then create the page and be sure to add in the area's surroundings and details, otherwise no one will no where they are.

Current Scenarios

The Council Era (83 CE)

This scenario takes place during the Rachni Wars. It will take place in three different places, The Citadel (RP1), Ragnora and Omicron. The Citadel will be used only for social matters and petty action, no major battles can or will take place on it. Ragnora will be used for battles, as it is a Rachni-ruled world, and Omicron will be serve both purposes. There are ten different species available as characters. The link will provide the main page.

The Council Era (700 CE- ?)

This scenario serves as the second half of the Rachni/Krogan Arc, which is intended to provide the writers' ideas to fill in the Mass Effect canon gaps during the Rachni Wars and Krogan Rebellions.

City of Ghosts

This scenario takes place in the wake of Cerberus' takeover of Omega (as detailed in the comic-book mini-series Mass Effect: Invasion.) With Aria T'Loak now a prisoner of Cerberus and her security forces crushed, various pockets of the space station are now left with a vacuum of power. In Bhutakasahara, one of the worst slums on the station, several rival factions are now vying for control. This RP takes place in two settings - the Afterlife (used only for social matters and petty action) and the district of Bhutakasahara (used for battles). The link will provide more information.