Good candidates for Quote of the Week should be compelling, well articulated, and help encourage other users to read more from where it came from, whether it came from an article or a fan fiction story.----

Nomination process:

There is a simple process that all Quote of the Week candidates go through in order to be selected as a Quote of the Week. That process is as follows:

  1. To vote, a user must have 20 edits. (Number subject to change)
  2. Quotes are successful after reaching three (3) net votes, which is determined after adding the support and opposition votes.
  3. Quotes are unsuccessful after receiving a net total of negative three (-3) votes, or if they fail to garner any form of consensus after one month of being on the nominations track.
  4. All quotes must be sourced. If the quote only appears in an article, the source is the article.
  5. Users can use any reason to oppose a nomination. This includes "I don't like the quote," "it's too unbelievable," "it's too long," or anything else. All reasons are acceptable so long as users remain civil.

How to nominate:

When you nominate an article, please use the following nomination form in order to maintain a sense of organization on the nominations track:

=== Speaker's name ===
==== Quote (+/-#) ====
==== Support ====
==== Neutral ====
==== Oppose ====
==== Comments ====

Nominations will remain on the nominations track until they become successful, the author removes the nomination, it reaches a consensus of opposition, or it fails to gain the necessary votes to be either successful or unsuccessful after one month.


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