Hello and welcome to the first annual Mass Effect Fanon Wiki Awards!

December 21, 2010 - January 1, 2011: Nominations!
January 1 - January 31, 2011: Voting!
February 1, 2010: Winners announced!

When nominating, be sure to remember that when you nominate an article, it doesn't have to be of novel length. Length does not necessary equal quality, and vice-a-versa. The Wiki Awards is about quality. Short articles can be awesome, too. Show them some love.


  1. You may nominate an article only under a category into which the article or work fits.
  2. You may nominate an article under more than one category if it fits into more than one category.
  3. An article may only appear once under each category.
  4. You may nominate your own articles, but you may only nominate your own articles once per category.
  5. Authors may be nominated more than once per category, but per Rule #4 they may only nominate themselves once per category.
  6. The format for nominations beneath each category is as follows:
    *[[ARTICLE]] by [[User:AUTHOR|AUTHOR]]

And now... onto the WINNERS!


Best Male Individual:Kornov by Bluethunder213

Best Female Individual:Emmanuelle Sharon by Gnostic

Best Commander Shepard:A TIE! Adam Shepard by Bluethunder213 and Johun Shepard by Infernal Warrior

Best Military Involved Individual:A TIE! Jonah Richardson by Foxtrot12 and Josué Doblar by Nightmare975

Best Politically Involved Individual: Only one candidate. Feel free to vote for Tyrin Lieph for best individual though.

Best Civilian Individual: Kymir Joheli (Article available at the Mass Effect Fan-Fiction Wikia) by Lovelyb0nes

Best organization:Shadow Marshals by InfernalWarrior

Best event: Only one candidate, and no one voted for it either, shame.

Best Alien Species:A TIE! Lirrax by Gnostic and Manaba by Bluethunder213

Best Quote:"Lots of freezing snow and cold wind. Either I've died and gone to hell or I'm back in Canada. Not sure what the difference is." - Riley Keating by Foxtrot12

Best Technology:Vapor rifle by Bluethunder213

Best Planet:A TIE! Korod by Gnostic and Jamone by Foxtrot12

Best picture:Requested Screenshot 1 by Foxtrot12

Best User:Bluethunder213

And the best individual is...

Jonah Richardson!

Congratulations to Foxtrot.


For the archive of the voting, see Mass Effect Fanon: Annual Fan-Fiction Awards/Voting archive

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