Okay, team. Listen up. I chose each of you for the Pathfinder team, not just because you're talented and passionate. But because you're dreamers, like me. We dream of exploring the unknown, of finding the edge of the map–and then discovering what lies beyond. When people look back on this–and they will–they'll remember we didn't give up. We kept dreaming that our first, few faltering steps in Andromeda were the beginning of everything they know. We only get one chance to be first. So let's go make history.
—Pathfinder Alec Ryder
Pathfinder Mission Team

Members of the Pathfinder Mission Team.

The Pathfinder Mission Team is an civilian, multi-species group of military operatives, scientists and pioneers from the Andromeda Initiative. Personally handpicked by each of the Arks respective Pathfinders, the team was tasked with assessing and exploring any potentially-habital planets deemed necessary within the Andromeda galaxy's Heleus cluster during the search for a suitable Golden World. Members were given combat training and their own unique armor set. The team was originally led by Pathfinder Alec Ryder of the human Ark ship Hyperion. When Alec died during a disastrous mission on Habitat 7, command of the unit was passed onto his son Scott Ryder, who succeeded his father as the new Pathfinder.

Known Members

Current Members

Former Members

  • Pathfinder Alec Ryder - KIA
  • David Fisher - Reassigned
  • Dusty Kirkland - KIA
  • Andrew Greer - Reassigned
  • Dr. Harry Carlyle - Reassigned
  • Hayes - Reassigned

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