Telara N'Gan
Biographical information


Date of birth

September 8th, 1873 CE

Physical description







5' 9"


109 lbs

Eye color


Skin color

Light blue (with red markings)

Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
Your chance of escaping is pretty slim. Do me a favor, might as well surrender now. It'll make it easier for everyone. I won't have to chase you down and you'll get through the beating you deserve much quicker.
—Telara N'Gan.


Early LifeEdit

Mom was a therapist. Dad ran a shipping business. Before you start to get wise, not all batarians are slave traffickers, so shove it up your ass. I heard it all before.
—Telara, on her parents.

Telara was born on September 8th, 1873, on the planet Thessia. Her mother was a therapist, while her father, a batarian, ran a freighter shipping business. Telara recalled little from her childhood, except that her mother told her stories of justicars and asari commandos, and that their apartment had a large aquarium, filled with many species of fish. In 1913, however, her parents split due to the tension of fiercely differing opinions over the Batarian Hegemony annexing the asari colony of Esan.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Oh, don't let her fool you. She looks soft as a flower but is hard as a rock.
—Fellow Spectre Ilan Sedro, on Telara.


Ammo PowerEdit

  • Warp Ammo: Making use of her biotics, Telara can layer ammunition rounds with an unstable biotic field. This increases the damage done to barriers and armor.

Other PowersEdit

  • Singularity: Using a sphere of dark energy to generate intense mass effect fields, this power warps the space around it. Anything caught within the radius of the Singularity are lifted and suspended in the air.
  • Throw: This power utilizes mass effect fields to hurl away targets with deadly force. Telara has the ability to use the "Double Throw Projectile" technique.
  • Barrier: Using a high-gravity mass effect field, Telara is capable of shielding herself from damage for a certain period of time.
  • Biotic Sphere: This power utilizes mass effect fields to form a bubble around the user, offering some protection to anyone and anything within the radius.
  • Warp: Using unstable and rapidly shifting mass effect fields, Telara can shred apart a target. While the damage afforded by Warp is usually minimal, instead focusing on reducing armor on armored targets and stopping any regenerative properties, such as that of a krogan, Telara's Warp is noted to be particularly powerful.
  • Slam: Lifts a target off of their feet, then slams them to the ground with force.


  • Armor: Telara wears a suit of lighter armor, affording protection and mobility. The armor is primarily purple and black in color, with red markings. The helmet looks similar to that of the Terminus Assault Armor. The Spectres icon is emblazoned on the left pauldron.
  • M-15 Vindicator: Telara's weapon of choice. A lightweight burst-fire assault rifle, the Vindicator is accurate and deadly at any range.
  • Disciple: A shotgun of asari design, the Disciple is lightweight. Its design incorporates shells that utilize microscale submunitions. Telara had her Disciple modified with a smart choke system.
  • Bio-Amp: Like the majority of biotics, Telara was implanted with a bio-amp to regulate and amplify her biotic powers for practical use. Telara's implant as an L5X implant manufactured by Serrice Council.
  • Omni-tool: A general all-purpose omni-tool, Telara's contained her Spectre identification and encryption codes.


  • Telara is partly inspired by Matriarch Aethyta and Tela Vasir.
  • Additionally, Telara's personality and background is inspired by a conversation overhead between two asari on Illium during the course of Mass Effect 2. One asari remarks on the attitude of the other, claiming that it could be from a batarian father.