John Shepard
John Shepard
Biographical and personal information


Commander Shepard

Family name





None (space-born)


Council Era - Expansion
Council Era - Advent of Humanity
Council Era - The Reaper Invasion


April 11, 2154

Physical traits and qualities




1.89 meters (6 ft, 2 in)


102.5 kilograms (226 lbs)

Skin color


Eye color


Hair color


Medical status

Exposure to Element Zero while in development, first as an infant and later after turning eighteen


Biotic L3 implants

Political and military information




Shock Trooper


Adrenaline Rush
Concussive Shot
Frag Grenade
Disrupter Ammo
Incendiary Ammo
Cryo Ammo
Combat Mastery
Armor-Piercing Ammo


N7 Valkyrie
N7 Crusader
N7 Hurricane

N7 Valiant
N7 Eagle
many others


N7 Onyx Mark 10 Mid-Weight Field Hardsuit

many others


Bluewire Tool
Solaris L3-M3 Amp

many others


Systems Alliance Navy (Marines)

Service number



Lieutenant Commander (January 1, 2177 2183 -)


  • Executive Officer (SSV Normandy SR-1 - January 12, 2183 - July 6, 2183)
  • Captain (SSV Normandy SR-1 - July 6, 2183 - December 24, 2183)
  • Captain (Normandy SR-2 - January 5, 2185 - July 19, 2185)
  • Captain (SSV Normandy SR-2 - January 26, 2186 - October 9, 2188)


Skyllian Blitz
Siege of Torfan
Eden Prime War
Battle of the Citadel


We can do this, Shepard. You can do this. Never doubt that.
—Admiral Hackett

John Shepard (born April 11, 2154), later known as The Shepard, was a human N7 Marine serving in the Systems Alliance Navy, and was also the first human Spectre for the Citadel Council. He served aboard, and later captained the SSV Normandy SR-1, as well as its successor, the Normandy SR-2 while on Alliance, Citadel, and even Cerberus business. Shepard and his elite team of soldiers played a pivotal role during the fight against the Reapers. He is remembered as a noble, heroic figure representing good values, and also as an exceptionally capable fighter.


Pre-service and early service history

On April 11, 2154 (UTC), John Shepard was born to Hannah and Rodric Shepard aboard the System Alliance's base of operations, Arcturus Station, in the Arcturus System of the Arcturus Stream. Sometime in his first few months, he was heavily exposed to Element Zero alongside many other infants, in an accident that would later make headlines.

He did not live aboard the station for over a year, however, as his military parents were constantly reassigned and young Shepard always traveled with them. He quickly decided that he wanted pursue a career in the military, as was expected from him. At the age of fourteen, Shepard returned to Arcturus Station and enrolled in an advanced military education program.

At the age of sixteen, Shepard's veteran father died in an attempt to retake the colony of Minoir. His mother was tasked with deciding wether to retire or to stay in the Alliance military. She decided to continue her service, and shortly after, she was promoted to the rank of Staff Commander.

At the age of eighteen, Shepard graduated from the Systems Alliance N7 Special Forces Program. Shepard enlisted himself in the Alliance military on the very day he turned eighteen. His natural charisma and the dedication of him and his parents helped Shepard to earn a name for himself, and he rose in rank quickly. Shortly afterwards, he underwent yet another coincidental, accidental exposure to Element Zero. Shepard soon found himself to possess strange powers such as telekinesis, a telltale sign of natural biotic abilities.

Two years later, after the development of L3 implants and the promise of being able to improve his skills in battle, he chose to have himself outfitted with a standard-risk model of Aldrin Labs' L3 implants. With the implants installed, he found himself possessing even greater powers, the ability to think and act very quickly when in battle and also to instantaneously trigger the release of adrenaline in his body. He did not, however, choose to pursue learning the standard biotic combat techniques, as he preferred and already excelled in traditional weapon-based combat.

The Skyllian Blitz

In 2176, a young 22 year-old Shepard was on shore leave on Elysium when the first wave of the Skyillian Blitz struck. A massive coalition force of slavers, crime syndicates, and batarian warlords, many of which were under the command of Elanos Haliat, who led the attack the colony in an attempt to gain prestige amongst the gangs of Omega.

Shepard made a name for himself during the battle by taking it upon himself to defend three settlements at once from the surface, with only a handful of men at his disposal. Astoundingly, he succeeded in eliminating the first wave of enemy troopers before reinforcements arrived. Even after him and his team were picked-up, he insisted that he continue to participate in the battle. He was then redeployed to an Alliance starship in orbit of the colony, where he was tasked with manning the vessel's primary point-defense cannons.

Haliat's plans came to nothing as the Alliance repelled the Blitz and decimated the pirate ships from orbit. The Terminus pirates blamed Haliat for the Blitz's failure, and he lost his position as their leader. He then retreated to a remote world in disgrace. Meanwhile, Shepard was becoming a famed figure amongst Alliance soldiers. He was soon presented with the Star of Terra for his participation in the battle. The following year, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, although he was already recognized as one of the best soldiers in the Alliance military.

The Siege of Torfan

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