V.C. Dillium
Biographical information


Date of birth

2155 CE

Physical description

Human (Clone)



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Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
  • Romantic interest of Dr. Earus
  • Crewmember of the MSV Diran

Val Crickey Dillium is a crewmember of the MSV Diran and secret "clone". He serves as the Diran's co-pilot. He is in a romantic relationship with the Diran's medical officer, Dr. Earus.


When signing aboard the MSV Diran, Alexandria Sinclair asked about V.C.'s past and life. He stated he grew a normal life with a family until they were killed and his daughter was kidnapped. Alexandria believed his lie but suspected something wrong about his character.

Secretly, Dillium is a clone. A copy of his former self. He remembers little of his childhood. Only knowing he had loving parents and a good life. V.C. feels outcasted by humanity, knowing he was cloned. But feels the need to live. His admission to the MSV Diran's crew, made him feel welcomed.

Dillium's daily regains memories of his childhood, only thinking of good times he had. During a medical examination, the Diran's doctor, found out he was a clone due to many obvious distinctions. The first one was looking at a news article on the extranet. The image for the article had a picture of Dillium in it. It said that Dillium was dead but oddly was on the Diran. Even a LIVE broadcast showed that they had the body of a S.C. Dillium. (possibly the person he was cloned off of) Earus confronted V.C. about the news. He admitted it without refusal. But never knew a person by the name S.C. Dillium. When comparing pictures of them both, they matched.


  • This character is given a unisex name. Even though it is revealed in the article.