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Vapor Industries
General information

John DeMarcus


John DeMarcus


San Francisco, California

Historical information

2162 CE

Other information

Alliance military

Vapor Industries was an Earth based manufacturer on weapons and armor formed in 2162 CE. Their first product was the Vapor rifle. The company headquarters was located in San Francisco, with other buildings located on human colonies and Alliance space stations.



Due to other species' hostility toward Vapor Industries and humanity, we will no longer sell weaponry and information to non-human races.
—Excerpt from a press release issued before the release of the Vapor rifle.

The original logo for Vapor Industries.

Vapor Industries was founded in 2162 CE after John DeMarcus left the Alliance military. He set up the headquarters in his home town, San Francisco. At first, his research into incendiary weaponry was sold to aliens of all species. Though the company stopped months before the release of their first weapon, the Vapor rifle.


As the company grew, more jobs were made. John appointed Harold Marr, a mathematician, to ensure that the formulas were safe and correct. Vapor Industries also gained several rivals as they grew, a similar company, Sea Leaf, often hired mercenaries to kill prominent members of Vapor Industries.